This website is currently under construction but I hope to be adding more material over the coming weeks. On the following pages you will find a small selection of my etchings as well as images of my artists books and those of other collaborations in which I have been involved. If you would like to contact me please click on the 'Contact' link above for my email address.

During my two years postgraduate course studying painting at The Slade School of Fine Art, I became increasingly interested in printmaking as a fine art medium. My first appointment as lecturer in printmaking, enabled me to further my research in this discipline. My subsequent appointments, in a broad area of subjects in different art institutions, have allowed me to widen my perspective, while maintaining my specific engagement with the printmaking process as a form of expression in my own work. My work focuses on using the traditional methods of printmaking in an innovative way. I continue to research this area in my position as Honorary Research Assistant at The Slade.